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Hillcrest Academy
265 Bladen, Chomedey, Laval
Tel. (450) 688-3002 Fax: (450) 688-0484
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Due to our current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, our school is closed until May 1.  Please see your email for your invoice as we have updated the March statement of account by removing the week of March 13-April 3. The closed days were credited and this will be the case until May 1st. 

Please note that if your account shows a minus it means you have a credit. This will be addressed once we have more information as to what will happen until June 30th.

Considering the exceptional circumstances we are currently undergoing, should you have an outstanding balance and cannot make your payment, please send Ms. Sabrina an email ( in order to discuss the different options.

Thank you for your ongoing collaboration.



At the Hillcrest Daycare, our goal is to maintain a quality daycare service. The daycare offers arts & crafts, games, movies and outdoor activities. The daycare is open on pedagogical days and the service is available to all registered daycare Hillcrest students. Reservation is needed for each individual pedagogical day. There may be additional costs for art teachers or specific animators. Please note proper behaviour is expected from ALL students, after three warnings of misbehaviour a child will be expelled from Daycare or an After School Activity. 
For registration or information, please contact Ms. Sabrina Valletta (Daycare Coordinator) at 450-688-3002 ext. 3

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