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Academie Hillcrest Academy


NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Arhin, Adaku  English Teacher
Bernier, Karine  French Teacher
Bond, Véronique
(Ext 5411)
  Administration Vice Principal
Cochrane, Lynn  Resource Teacher
Crosbie, Gary  Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Cuffaro, Stephanie  English Teacher
D'orso, Sonia  English Teacher
Desir-Boursicault, Stephanie  French Teacher
DiFulvio, Leanna   Teacher
DiGiambattista, Patricia   Librarian
DiGiambattista, Rosemary    English Teacher
Dranitsaris, Nathalie  Kindergarten Teacher
Dumitru, Vlad  French Teacher
Gallant, Jacynthe    French Teacher
Gamache, Jacques  French Teacher
Globensky, Stephane  Music Teacher
Goffredo, Marisa  English Teacher
Gosselin, Christine    French Teacher
Guindi, Valerie  French Teacher
Gurevitch, Allison  English Teacher
Hétu, Alexandre  French Teacher
Iannetta, Cristina  English Teacher
Kaye, Pauline  English Teacher
Kerner, Carroll  Kindergarten Teacher
Koscher, Krista    English Teacher
Lavoie, Maryse  Professional Social Worker
Lazaris, Mary
(Ext 5410)
  Administration Principal
Lemire, Dominique  French Teacher
Lepine, Daniel  Resource Teacher
Naccache, Irene    English Teacher
Pace, Elisa  English Teacher
Raymond, Joanne  French Teacher
Rother, Simon  Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Szaniszlo, Sandie
(Ext 5415)
  Administration School Secretary
Telishewsky, Daria    English Teacher
Valletta, Sabrina
(Ext 5420)
   Daycare Coordinator
Villemaire, Julie  Kindergarten Teacher
Vitelli, Megan  French Teacher

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