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Academie Hillcrest Academy


NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Aggrey-Fynn, Leslie  Elementary Teacher Physical Education
Alexander, Gattuso  Elementary Teacher Physical Education
Arhin, Adaku  English Teacher Level 4
Awan, Aysha  Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 5 and Grade 6
Bond, Véronique  Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
Charest, Stepahnie  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3
Cochrane, Lynn  Resource Teacher
Crosbie, Gary  Phys Ed. & Health Teacher
D'orso, Sonia  Teacher Teacher
De Almeida, Stepahnie  Cycle 2 Teacher Garde 4
Desir-Boursicault, Stephanie  Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 5/6
DiGiambattista, Patricia   Librarian
DiGiambattista, Rosemary    English Teacher Level 1
Dranitsaris, Nathalie  Kindergarten Teacher
Gallant, Jacynthe    French Teacher Level 4
Gamache, Jacques  French Teacher Level 5
Gauthier, Nancy  French Teacher Level 2
Giustini, Diana  Administration School Secretary
Globensky, Stephane  Music Teacher
Goffredo, Marisa  English Teacher Level 6
Gosselin, Christine    French Teacher Level 4
Guindi, Valerie  French Teacher Level 2
Hétu, Alexandre  French Teacher Level 6
Iannetta, Cristina  English Teacher Level 3
Kaye, Pauline  English Teacher Level 1
Kerner, Carroll  Kindergarten Teacher
Koscher, Krista    English Teacher Level 5
Lavoie, Maryse  Professional Psycho-Educator
Lazaris, Mary  Administration Principal
Lemire, Dominique  French Teacher Level 6
Lepine, Daniel  Resource Teacher
Lyng, Patricia   Daycare Coordinator
Molloy, Tracey  Administration School Secretary
Naccache, Irene    English Teacher Level 3
Nadeau, Brent  Administration Vice Principal
Pace, Elisa  English Teacher Level 2
Raymond, Joanne  French Teacher Level 1
Stathopoulos, Catherine  English Teacher specialist
Stratigakis, Angela  Professional Speech Lang. Pathologist
Telishewsky, Daria    English Teacher Level 4
Theriault, Linda  Professional Nurse
Villemaire, Julie  Kindergarten Teacher

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