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Safety first! During arrival & dismissal times, students must be dropped off and picked up on the school side of CLEMENCEAU OR RENÉ COTY at the designated area for cars. Do not drop off students prior to the supervised time of 8:45 AM. Parents are not permitted in the bus lane, only students. In the afternoon, the pick-up gate is open from 3:43-3:58 PM.

Students are not permitted to be dropped off at the front office before 8:55 AM.  If they need to leave early they should be signed out before 3:15 PM.  

For security reasons, students must not cross the street alone and are not permitted to walk alone to parked cars. All traffic signs and road regulations in the school zone must be respected. As well, we wish to respect the neighbours and ensure that driveways are never blocked.

Cars are NOT permitted in the bus laneThe Laval police are vigilant and do not tolerate double parking. Please note that the school parking lot is reserved for staff members only.

Students arriving after 8:55 AM must sign in at the front office accompanied by a parent.



It is the responsibility of the parents to advise the school before 9:00 AM if their child will be late or absent. Please leave a message on the answering machine at (450) 688-3002 ext. 5421 or email the secretaries.  Please make sure you state the reason for the child’s absence so that we may keep track of potential outbreaks of the flu or any other ailments. 


Early Departure

Parents must advise the school, in writing, if their child must leave early.  A valid reason is required. Please use your child’s agenda book and tell your child to show it to their teacher as soon as they get to school. If an emergency arises, you must call the school before noon so that we can advise the teachers. 



It is important that children attend school regularly and be on time for class throughout the school year. Extended absences are detrimental to a child’s progress. Please schedule holidays during the holiday periods indicated on our school calendar. It is not possible for teachers to prepare a “Vacation Homework Package” as learning is built into the day-to-day activities taking place in the class.


Emergency Contact

The student health form with medical information must be completed by the parent for each student. Mobile and work numbers are required in order to communicate with the parents, a relative or a neighbour that can take care of the student in the event of an illness should also be noted. If any contact information should change, please notify the office.


Emergency School Closures

Once the decision is made to close schools, the school board will immediately:

  • Post the list of schools/centres closed on the SWLSB website's homepage
  • Post the information on the SWLSB Facebook page
  • Advise on the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board mobile app (you must download the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board app on the Apple Store or Google Play to receive notifications).
  • Various radio and television networks are informed but please note that we have no control over the message that is announced.



All students will be required to go outside during the morning and afternoon recesses and the lunch recess. Students are to always dress appropriately for the weather and wear boots, snow pants, gloves and a hat during the cold months and slushy periods. Students must wear a pair of outdoor shoes to play outside. It is recommended that all students keep a clean change of clothes at school. Students will remain indoors in the case of rain or severe weather conditions.



Students must bring a healthy lunch and snacks to school. A hot meal supplied by Traiteur Scolaire Merenda may be ordered in advance for a cost. See monthly order forms for menu choices. For more information, and to place your ONLINE order you may visit .  Please note that microwaves are not available. Please be advised, fried foods are not permitted in school i.e. McDonald’s fries.


Hillcrest Academy Good Nutrition Statement Approved by the Governing Board – 06/13

Hillcrest Academy is dedicated to promoting a setting that fosters good eating habits. The staff and administration encourage all students to eat healthy foods. Please provide a nutritional lunch and snack for your child to enjoy: yogurt, cheese, fruits, raw vegetables, low-fat breads, whole-grain cereals, rice cakes, dried fruits or granola. Also, visit Health Canada Smart Snacking at 


Nut-Free Environment

Foods containing nuts or peanuts are NOT permitted and lunches or snacks must not be shared. Students should not bring soft drinks, fast foods, chocolate bars, candies , chips or other sugary snacks.



The Hillcrest Academy Governing Board has mandated a uniform policy for all students. The uniform supplier is Top Marks. You may visit for more information.



  • White or light blue polo with school crest (long/short sleeve)
  • Mock neck sweater
  • Navy cardigan
  • Navy pants, Bermuda shorts, tunic or skirt
  • Comfortable indoor shoes AND outdoor shoes (All students must practice and learn to tie shoelaces at home. Shoes with Velcro are highly recommended)

Students are to dress appropriately for the weather. We recommend that students keep a clean change of clothes at school. Parents should ensure that ALL articles of clothing, winter wear and school items be labeled with the student’s name. Having a school uniform means that all students have identical clothing; labels with nametags are essential in helping to identify items. Belongings often get misplaced and students are encouraged to look in the lost & found box if they have lost an item.


Items Not Permitted

Clothing with stripes, logos, jeans, track pants, leggings, jeggings, short skirts/shorts, low-cut tops, flip-flops, open-toe sandals, shoes with wheels, bright colored or flashing shoes, high heels/platforms, visible makeup, bright hair colour, facial piercing, long or large loop earrings, caps (indoors), leather footballs, chewing gum, toys, cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, smart watches etc.


Physical Education

Students are responsible for wearing the proper P.E. uniform. For hygienic purposes, students in grades 5-6 cannot wear their phys. Ed. clothes for the rest of the day and are to bring a change of clothes (as mentioned in the school supplies list)Students in K-grade 4 MUST come to school dressed for phys ed as they will not be permitted to change.

  • White or light blue T-shirt with school crest
  • Navy blue shorts or jogging pants
  • Non-scuffing athletic indoor running shoes (for safety and hygiene)—please refer to the school supplies list for more information regarding appropriate physical education footwear.

To ensure safety and avoid loss/damage, electronic devices as well as any item viewed as unsafe or inappropriate will be confiscated by staff members.


  • Remain seated.
  • Listen to the bus driver.
  • Use a calm voice and polite language.
  • Keep hands and objects to yourself, also away from windows.
  • Resolve conflicts with respect.
  • Keep the area clean.
  • Don’t eat or drink on the bus.
  • Never tamper with the emergency exits.


School Fees

All school fees and daycare fees are an important source of funding that provides the materials and resources needed to offer students a quality education. These payments are the responsibility of the parent and must be paid in full at the beginning of the school year. You may contact the Principal if you require a payment plan. Payment of school fees may be made by cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, or ONLINE. School fees which remain unpaid by May 15th of the current school year will be sent to a collection agency.   Daycare fees may be paid by cash, cheque (payable to SWLSB), Debit or ONLINE.


POLICY FOR Positive Behaviour and Conduct

Approved by Governing Board – 04/14

The Hillcrest Academy Policy for Positive Behaviour aims to create a safe, caring and collaborative community that develops students’ self-esteem, encourages academic curiosity and promotes life-long learning. This policy is based on the central belief that all students have rights and responsibilities (see page 9). All students have a right to learn in a safe and respectful environment. All students have an obligation to choose behaviours that do not infringe upon the rights of others.

The school-wide discipline techniques consist of rules, routines and interventions that are implemented by all Hillcrest staff to support positive behaviour and respond to student impropriety. Student misbehaviours may lead to the following: reflection period, removal of privileges, detention, special work assignments, and/or communication with the parents. Our policy is designed to encourage positive behaviours and to help students understand when they have chosen to behave inappropriately.




  1. I arrive on time; I am punctual for classes and dismissal.

       Parents must sign-in late arrivals (after 8:55 AM)

  1. I am ready with all the necessary materials to complete my work, PE clothes and library books & flute.
  2. I wear my uniform and dress appropriately with proper footwear and clothing for the weather.
  3. I do not bring a cell phone, electronic devices or any inappropriate item to school.
  4. I am calm and walk quietly at all times when circulating in the hallways, stairs and washrooms.
  5. I follow recess rules; play in designated area and line-up calmly to enter when the bell rings.
  6. I respect the lunch supervisor and follow the lunchtime rules.
  7. I show respect towards others and use polite language.
  8. My behaviour is always safe and never careless. Aggressive acts or threats will not be tolerated.
  9. I respect my school environment and the property of others. I am responsible when using the school equipment and must replace any lost or broken materials.




Every month, we pick a theme and have a school wide assembly to promote the month’s character trait to be developed.

LEADER BY EXAMPLE CERTIFICATES: Homeroom teachers acknowledge selected students that show an exemplary behaviour in school.


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