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Welcome to Hillcrest Academy


Dear parents,

We have been informed by the city of Laval that some of the streets on Ile Bigras have been reopened following the flooding.  In order to accommodate our students on BUS 6 who live on Ile Bigras, there will be a temporary bus stop at the corner of Chemin du Tour & Chemin du Mistral (at about it’s usual time), where our students will be dropped off and picked up until the situation returns to normal.

This change is effective as of TODAY (May 9th, 2019) for the AFTERSCHOOL route.

Should the situation change, we will post the information on our school’s Facebook page and on our school website.

Thank you.

The Hillcrest Team


265 Bladen, Chomedey, Laval, QC, H7W 4J8
Tel. (450) 688-3002 Fax: (450) 688-0484
Principal: Mary Lazaris  
Vice Principal: VĂ©ronique Bond (Interim)  


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