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Academie Hillcrest Academy

Welcome to Hillcrest Academy

School supplies can be purchased at [B4683:2016-07-13]

School supplies can be purchased at .Please verify on your school fees statement ( top right hand corner) to see what homeroom your child is in for the school year 2016-17 before purchasing school supplies .  

Have a great summer! See you on August 31st! 

FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL [B4684:2016-08-16]


265 Bladen, Chomedey, Laval, QC, H7W 4J8
Tel. (450) 688-3002 Fax: (450) 688-0484
Principal: Josée Coté  
Vice Principal: Irene Tsimiklis  


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Word of the Day: INGLENOOK
Definition: (noun) A nook or corner beside an open fireplace.

Synonyms: chimney corner.

Usage: Yet no one had retired, except the children and "old Feyther Taft," who being too deaf to catch many words, had some time ago gone back to his inglenook.

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